Hear ye, hear ye, noble Budtenders! You are Roily invited to join the Roil Court Budtender Program, a highly distinguished cannabis community created to celebrate and reward our most noble and loyal budtenders!

WHAT TO EXPECT: As a member of the Roil Court Budtender Program, you’ll gain access to a wealth of exclusive information, prestigious events, educational resources fit for nobility, and most exciting of all… Early access to our limited edition Roilty Box Drops, offering highly sought-after educational samples, and magnificent merch, available only for a limited time.

WHO’S ELIGIBLE: All Budtenders throughout the Kingdom are welcome to join the Roil Court Budtender Program. Please note: Roilty Box Drops shall be selected on a limited quantity basis. Should you be selected for our Roilty Box Drops, you will be contacted directly by us. We await your presence budtenders, as we raise a Roil dab to the finest concentrates in all the lands!